The Wicker Man

Watch Live Sunday, June 25th at 6pm MST Watch Live on YouTube The Wicker Man Film Details Release date: 1973 Director: Robin Hardy Screenplay: Anthony Shaffer Starring: Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee & Diane Cilento Synopsis The Wicker Man is about Police Sergeant Neil Howie investigating a missing girl on Summerisle Island, inhabited by pagans who […]

Specter of the Rose

Watch Live Sunday, May 28th at 6pm MST Watch Live on YouTube Specter of the Rose Film Details Release date: 1946 Director: Ben Hecht Music Composed by: George Antheil Starring: Judith Anderson, Michael Chekhov, and Ivan Kirov Synopsis Specter of the Rose is a low budget film noir thriller produced by Ben Hecht. It centers […]

The Sea Wolf

Episode Note: We had technical issues during this show-to be fair it was YouTube not us, however it means the episode is not and will not see the light of day. Thank you for your understanding and support! The Sea Wolf Synopsis Join us LIVE as we watch The Sea Wolf. It's one of many […]

Speak of the Devil

Speak of the Devil Film Details Release date: 1993 Director: Nick Bougas Starring: Anton Szandor LaVey Online Resources Wikipedia IMDB Episode Hosts Reverend Adam P Campbell Priest in the Church of Satan Citizen Cameron John Citizen in the Church of Satan Citizen Joe Jackson Citizen in the Church of Satan